scimobi conference

scimobi conference is currently in development, but we’d like to give you an insight into what is in the pipeline.

The aim of scimobi conference is to provide congress organisers with a dedicated hosting platform for their exhibitors and delegates.

This will provide your exhibitors with unique access codes to access custom dashboards, where they can upload and manage their own documents, Via a conference-branded ‘powered by scimobi’ interface, that could be linked in to your own website.

The conference area could be made available to delegates before, during and after your conference, and as an administrator user, you will be able to control when and how material is available for viewing.

You will be able to customise and populate category menus, creating a dedicated search function within your conference area, and organise by type, session or however you wish them to appear.

Taking the example of scientific poster sessions: scimobi would allow you to pre-reserve batches of unique scimobi codes that you can provide to your poster authors with their instruction packs.

And that really is all you need to do… each code will give the poster authors access to their own document dashboard, where they can upload and manage their own poster pdfs, in mobile, original (or both) versions.

All of the collated documents would appear in a structured viewing platform, tagged, searchable and browsable.

The poster sessions could be categorised by theme, specialism, presentation dates, and you build a dedicated search engine with pre-populated terms that grows as your exhibitors add their own material.

This would give your delegates complete access to all of the sessions, and in turn, added value and exposure to your exhibitors key communications.

You can decide on how this is shared with your membership beyond the conference; this could be time limited to the conference itself, or act as an online archive of presented materials from year to year.

We do appreciate that many larger organisations have their own dedicated hosting platforms, but this is in itself a costly exercise to set up and and manage, so scimobi may suit organisations with a less developed resource, providing a flexible ‘off the peg’ solution for digital delivery of material beyond the physical event.

Your input matters...

We would welcome input from any organisations or conference organisers who may be interest helping scimobi develop a platform that best suits the needs of multiple users. So please feel free to contact us to discuss, make suggestions and help us build a platform with you and your delegates in mind at [email protected]