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scimobi. Effective delivery of online documents

We work in a multi-platform digital world. Content needs to be managed, delivered, shared, linked, analysed, and duplicated across multiple devices on demand, to maximise audience reach.

Yet still, the extent of ‘digitisation’, on clinical posters at a conference for example, can be a QR code directly linking a poster-sized PDF to the recipient’s mobile phone.

Have you ever viewed a pdf document that is designed to be displayed on an 8 x 4 foot board on a screen that is 2.5 x 5 inches in size? Poorly formatted links are cumbersome, often impossible to read, and difficult to share. This leads to ‘pinch and swipe frustration’, abandoned audience engagement, and missed communication opportunities.

scimobi improves user experience by offering enhanced options when they scan a QR code or follow a link. This includes mobile-friendly and originally-formatted documents, and a range of support material through every link. Ongoing audience engagement can be promoted through further links to related material, and subscription to updates (e.g. ongoing study data). Thus allowing organisation and sharing of documents, whilst maximising communication and reach for your key messages.

Created by people who work hands-on in the communications agency industry, scimobi host is designed with the account team in mind. User-friendly dashboards control uploads, QR generation, linking, tagging, analytics and more.

user benefits

Free to access and control, through a quick and easy-to-set-up myscimobi account.

Benefits to the end user

  • Convenient choice of PDF formats for mobile or desktop viewing
  • Save, view, and manage all of your linked files through myscimobi
  • Receive content of interest
  • Subscribe to file updates and notifications
  • Share content with others
  • Full account control

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agency benefits

scimobi host allows agency account teams full, dashboard control over multiple uploaded documents.

scimobi host offers plans for every budget: Monthly or yearly plans for single users, or multi-seat plans allowing agencies to work in project or account teams.

Benefits to the agency

  • User-friendly dashboard for every link
  • Flexible control and management of every file
  • Multiple document options in each link
  • Streamlined QR generation, upload, tagging, and linking
  • Links accessible and controllable directly by account teams
  • User analytics charting views, shares, and reach
  • Increased added-value to clients

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client benefits

The most obvious benefit to the client from scimobi is improved Return-on-Investment (RoI) through multi-platform dissemination of key messages by reaching wider audiences and linking important communications, for relatively minimal additional cost.

Benefits to the client

  • Increased RoI through multi-platform delivery
  • Higher visibility of message across multiple meetings / campaigns / studies
  • Provide future updates to a targeted audience with a registered interest
  • Link to other relevant material
  • Fully controllable to stay regulatory compliant
  • Data and access analytics
  • Hosted securely and independently, separating educational from commercial activities