Below are a number of Frequently Asked Questions and clarifications of how scimobi works. As a constantly developing resource, scimobi welcomes questions and suggestions, and we will do what we can to answer any queries and update the entries below.

If you have any queries please email [email protected] .

Launch terms and site amendments.

The site is fully functional, and you are free to register, subscribe and use it as normal.

Please be advised that as a newly-launched site, we will be constantly making adjustments, improvements and corrections to enhance the user experience, and ensure that the site remains error-free.

We reserve the right to make such changes without notice.

In this crucial phase (called a beta phase), your feedback matters to us. If you have any queries or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] . Suggestions that are implemented into the site may be rewarded with free subscription periods.

Does scimobi automatically create mobile friendly PDFs?

No. You will need to reformat your original file to a mobile friendly version - we have provided a guide to do so. If your original was typeset by a professional, we recommend that you get them to create your mobile version. We estimate that creating mobile versions should represent a small fraction of the time it took to create your original documents but add significant value through digital reach.

If I only have a PDF of the original, can I create a mobile version?

Not effectively or easily. The best way to create a mobile friendly PDF is to go back to the source layout files and reformat a mobile version from there. It is possible to edit and break up a PDF, though not recommended.

Can I put presentations and videos onto scimobi?

If you can output your presentation as a PDF then this can be included. We are working on adding viewers for presentations and video files that will be added at a later date.

Would responsive html not be a better way to display files for different devices?

Of course, if your content is intended ONLY for web viewing, then you would build your files as responsive web files from the onset. But scimobi is designed as a convenient option to add digital delivery to original files that have been designed for physical display (e.g., a printed poster or brochure), with the minimum of reformatting, and retaining the branding and styling of your original document.

We will, however, be adding an option to host responsive html versions of your files in the future, should you wish to deliver in this way.

What data is shared with the file hosts?

Summarily, the host user will not be able to access names or emails of viewers (myscimobi users), but may receive location, job titles, speciality etc. as clearly set out in your myscimobi account to provide basic analytics of their file views. See our full data / privacy policy.

Host user: What is the difference between 'Unpublishing' and 'Deleting' a document?

'Unpublish' will turn off the public / user access to the document, but the host document dashboard, related links etc., will remain in your account and host user lists, and will show as 'Pending', in case you wish to switch it back in the future.

Existing QR codes and links to the previously published document will deliver a message that says that the link has expired, or the host has chosen to remove it.

This, for instance, allows you to comply with regulatory or agreed specific 'live' timeframes or moratorium with a congress organiser. If you have respecified 'live' dates in your dashboard, this will switch to 'unpublished' when the time expires.

When you publish a document, a user (myscimobi user) who views your document has the option to save the link to your document to their 'My scimobi links'. If you subsequently unpublish the document, or its time expires, they will see the 'unpublished by host' message if they attempt to use their saved link.

If you 'DELETE' a document, you will completely remove the document from the scimobi system, including the related dashboard and all links, settings etc., you will no longer be able to access or republish this document, and any existing related links, QR or URLs will permanently cease to operate; including being removed from the 'my saved links' lists of any myscimobi user. This action cannot be undone, if you wish to republish it, you will need to re-upload with a completely new link.

If a user has chosen to download the document locally to their device during its 'live' published period, the user will retain their downloaded copy.