scimobi host

This is the platform if you are looking to host files on the scimobi system.

From single file uploads, to agency-focussed multi-team accounts. It offers a user friendly interface for file uploads, management, linking, analytics and more.

Choosing the ideal scimobi host plan for your projects

You do not need to subscribe to a plan to register as a scimobi user, start experiencing the dashboards or upload files. Subscription or single use payment will only be required when you come to publish your files. Basic pricing is given below.


For individuals



per licence / month

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For companies and multi-user teams



per licence / month

Minimum 2 licences

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Bespoke customised solutions for larger organisations, with multiple teams and tiered administration, built to your individual requirements

Contact us to formulate a plan that best suits your needs


* scimobi premium, Coming soon...

An extra set of functionality, to allow even more media, and even greater ROI on your digital assets...

Unlimited uploads

Video files

Presentations upload

Deeper analytics

*Premium subscription and pricing coming soon.

Coming soon...